Employee Career Path

Below is listed the criteria for employee's career advancement. Each PDF gives job description and promotional objectives. An employee's start level is based on skill and experience. 

Employment Application

Please submit all applications to the NCESI office or via email:




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North Cobb Electrical Services, Inc

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Employee Testimonials

Thomas Brugdorf

"I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the confidence in me and also welcoming me into the company. You have made my transition from the military into this career field a dream. Thank you for all the opportunities you have given me and I will continue to progress and move up."

Ken Kruzel

"North Cobb Electrical Services provide A+ service and quality installation at a very comparable price in today's market. The team works very hard to satisfy the customers needs and I believe the future will look swell for them God bless"

Jason Schmittou

 "An absolutely amazing establishment. In the 32 years of my life I have never felt more connected to something . As an employee I feel more like a family member. They constantly help with growth leadership advancement and now schooling. As a newly third year student at I.E.C. I have this company to thank for it. Quality is the utmost concern of management and I'm proud to be able to provide a code current service that allows workmanship to show through."