Proudly Serving Atlanta Since 2004

North Cobb Electrical Services, Inc. (NCESI) is a highly trusted electrical contractor serving property managers, owners and general contractors throughout north Georgia. We provide lighting solutions for commercial properties, government projects, athletic facilities, and much more. Since 2004, our commitment to quality, reliability and value has kept us top of mind for the state’s major contractors. Our experienced electricians are the backbone of our service, keeping the lights on for local businesses and always finding ways to help them save time and money. Proving ourselves quick, responsive and trustworthy, we are the contractor other contractors choose to work with again and again.


We are Dedicated

Over the course of our combined 90 years of experience, we have found the most important factor to our success is building lasting relationships. Our customers have come to rely on us to provide the best service from start to finish. When we’re on a job, we don’t settle for anything less than top quality work. Our relationships last because we make each of our customers a priority and approach every project with focus and enthusiasm.

We are Driven

Our team, which includes three licensed electricians, is motivated to continuously improve so we can be better at our job. We are unrelenting when a challenge comes our way. Whether it’s design-builds, value engineering or project management, we take the time and work the task at hand. We face the problems others can’t solve and use creative problem solving and persistent effort to get the job done and done right.

We are Knowledgeable

We may be small, but we have the professional capacity to manage our accounts with sophistication. Using our extensive experience, we can fulfill our customers’ expectations in a timely manner for the best possible price. Our leadership has experience and skills they are eager to pay forward and prepare the next generation for growth and success. We teach our employees through hands-on experiences and provide training resources to bolster their professional development.

We are Family

NCESI is a family company dedicated to working and growing together towards success. This principle extends to our customers and vendors as well. We will stand by you like family. We follow through on our commitments and do whatever we can to meet your needs, because we care about your success as much as our own. When new customers see this dependability, they become customers for life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality workmanship, on time and at the best possible price.